Nursing Standards

As a self-regulated profession, the regulatory college, the College of Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC) sets out standards of practice to ensure nurses provide care that is safe, competent and ethical.

There are three categories of standards, Professional Standards, Practice Standards and Scope of Practice Standards.

1) Professional Standards

These standards provide a framework for nursing practice in B.C and fall under four categories:

  1. Professional responsibility and accountability
  2. Knowledge based practice
  3. Client focused provision of service
  4. Ethical practice
To review the professional standards for the nursing profession in B.C. see:

Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners
Licensed Practical Nurses
Registered Psychiatric Nurses

2) Practice Standards

The purpose of these standards are to guide and direct nurses’ practice

See: Practice Standards

3) Scope of Practice Standards

These are standards, limits and conditions related to scope of practice. The CRNBC sets out scope of practice standards for both registered nurses and nurse practitioners.

RN Scope of Practice

NP Scope of Practice

LPN Scope of Practice

RPN Scope of Practice

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