ARNBC Professional Development Programs and Services

ARNBC offers a variety of programs and services to support nurses in their professional development and career advancement. Supports include continuing education, engagement and practicum opportunities, online career development and other resources.

Career Development
ARNBC offers a number of online career development resources including information on becoming an RN in BC, resources for internationally educated nurses, career change and advancement advice and information, job postings and links to scholarship, bursary and grant information.

Communities of Practice
The ARNBC Communities of Practice (CoP) website offers a space for existing and emerging specialty groups to house their materials and communicate with members.

To request space on the ARNBC Communities of Practice please email us at ac.cbnra|nimda#ac.cbnra|nimda.

There are currently four active CoPs including:

Continuing Education

  • Continuing Education Fund for Nurse Practitioners: ARNBC, in partnership with the BCCNA is pleased to announce that continuing education funds are now available for nurse practitioners who are registered to practice in British Columbia. These education funds consist of a one-time grant from the BC government to enable eligible BC nurse practitioners to complete education programs including local and distance courses and conferences; short term or long term programs; and group education sessions.

Meet B.C's Nurses
As the professional association representing Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners, ARNBC is committed to ensuring that the voice of all members are heard. Many nurses have indicated their interest in learning about their nursing colleagues across the province from all domains of practice, and from every stage of their career. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to profile just some of B.C.'s fantastic nurses each month.

Practicum Opportunities
The goal of an ARNBC student placement is to provide opportunities for under-graduate and graduate students to complete curriculum placement hours in any one of a variety of ARNBC placement options. Proposed placements can be requested for, or by, individual students or student groups, and should mutually benefit both student(s) and Association.

Speciality Nursing Groups
Specialized nurses play a unique part in promoting the health and well-being of British Columbians and our public healthcare system. Specialty groups allow like-minded nurses to connect and help to give a voice to and drive forward the advancement of important areas of nursing and patient care.

Regional Networks
BCCNA is pleased to announce that a 'Regional Networks' program is in development.

These Regional Networks are open to all nursing designations, patients, other health care providers and community members and will serve as a conduit between professional associations, the BCCNA, members and stakeholders to influence and shape the direction of nursing policy in B.C.

Check back often as we continue to shape this exciting new program based on your feedback and input.

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