Canadian Nurses' Association (CNA)

The Canadian Nurses' Association (CNA), is the national nursing association representing registered nurses from 11 provincial and territorial nursing association. The Association of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (ARNBC), is B.C's representative to CNA, and connects you to your national professional association.

CNA is an Association of Associations– it does not have individual memberships. Instead, the provincial and territorial nursing associations, including ARNBC, make up the membership of the national association. Being a member of ARNBC is the only way to ensure your voice is heard on the national and international level.

If you are a registered nurse or nurse practitioner in British Columbia, and hold an active registration with the CRNBC, then you are automatically a member of ARNBC – at no additional cost to you. The model of universal membership has been consistent in our provincial nursing association since 1914.

CNA's mission is to advance the profession of nursing to improve the health outcomes of Canadians by: "unifying the voices of registered nurses strengthening nursing leadership, promoting nursing excellence and a vibrant profession, advocating for healthy public policy and a quality health system, and serving the public interest."
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CNA offers programs and services such as:

ARNBC links you with your national professional nursing association in five key ways:

1. Through the ARNBC president, who is a member of the CNA Board of Directors and brings a B.C. perspective to
CNA board meetings.
2. By partnering with CNA on priority strategic, policy and communication initiatives and by providing input into CNA toolkits, webinars, position statements and other tools for practice.
3. By sharing with ARNBC members the latest information about the work CNA is undertaking and any
opportunities available to have input into CNA initiatives.
4. By providing opportunities for B.C. nurses to showcase their work to a much wider audience or participate on a national level at meetings, events or even parliamentary committees focused on nursing issues that matter to you.
5. By ensuring you continue to receive the Canadian Nurse magazine and all the other benefits, such as reduced fees or preferred rates for CNA’s certification program and other continuing education courses, that come with CNA membership
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