The ARNBC Board of Directors is fully elected by members. All positions are elected for a two year term.

Current Board Members:

Matieschyn, Zak, President (Elected 2015)
Dick, Tania, President-Elect (Elected 2015)

Campbell, Lori, Director at Large (Elected 2015)
Carr, Marcia, Director at Large (Elected 2014)
Cinel, Julie, Regional Director: Interior (Elected 2016)
DeLeenheer, Damen, Regional Director: Northern (Elected 2016)
Dokis, Laurie, Regional Director: First Nations (Elected 2015)
Fong, Maylene, Director at Large (Elected 2015)
Fort, Johanne, Regional Director: Vancouver Coastal (Elected 2015)
Kensall, Sherri, Regional Director: Fraser Valley (Elected 2016)
Schultz, Mark, Regional Director: Vancouver Island (Elected 2016)
Thorne, Sally, Director at Large (Elected 2015)

Previous Board Members

Axen, Linda, Regional Director: Northern 2014-2016)
Bowles, Wendy, Regional Director: Fraser Valley 2014 -2016
Burton, Pamela, Regional Director: Vancouver Island 2013-2015
Duncan, Susan, President 2011-2013
Calnan, Rob, Director at Large 2011-2013
Canitz, Brenda, Director at Large 2012-2014
Davidson, Christine, Interior 2012-2014
Dick, Tania, Director at Large 2013-2015
Fraser, Julie, President 2013-2015
Loy, Leanna, Director at Large 2011-2013
Matheson Parkhill, Jennifer, Regional Director: Island 2012-2014
Matieschyn, Zak, President-Elect, 2014-2015
Meadows, Carl, Regional Director: Fraser Valley 2012-2014
Nuttall, Melissa, Regional Director: Vancouver Island 2014-2016
Rodney, Paddy, Director at Large, 2013-2015, 2011-2013
Sanders, Tanya, Regional Director: Interior 2014-2016
Starck, Andrea, Regional Director: Northern 2012-2014
Thorne, Sally, Director at Large 2011-2012
Wearing, Jo, Director at Large, 2011-2012

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